White Pine Energy, LLC

Competence! Transparency! Integrity!

White Pine Energy is an Independent Energy Advisor. We assist clients in developing energy risk management strategies and procuring energy.

Whether you are a modest user seeking to minimize price volatility, a medium size user looking to implement an appropriate hedging strategy for electric and gas purchases, or a large user seeking to become a Load Serving Entity with onsite generation capacity, White Pine is capable of creating, implementing and managing an appropriate energy strategy.

At White Pine, we believe in simplicity. Energy is a commodity, which is only important to you to the extent that you can secure it when needed at the best possible rate with the lowest possible risk, and use it to run your operations. We will provide you with as much or as little information as you need or desire; from a basic monthly report on usage and cost, to the intricacies of your Peak Load Contribution and its affect on future capacity charges.