James T. Fuess, Founding Principal

Jay, educated as a Mechanical Engineer and with 15 years experience in Industrial Plant Management before becoming involved in the energy industry, brings an unparalleled understanding of the client’s need to balance operational efficiency with cost forecasting and containment.  Jay has expertise in all facets of the PJM system including interconnections, LSE approvals and generator registrations. He has development experience for large energy projects, is considered one of the leading experts in demand side response strategies, and has extensive experience in natural gas markets



David L. Pierce, Principal

Dave has over eighteen years experience in the energy industry including retail sales, pricing analysis, wholesale power origination, asset hedging, locational arbitrage, market assessments, project management and regulatory analysis.  His experience with companies such as Integrys and PG&E gave him deep knowledge of the markets and of energy trading and hedging.  Dave also spent 10 years consulting on energy projects where he provided an array of services including asset valuation and procurement, regulatory analysis, production cost modeling and forward price analysis.   This breadth of knowledge combined with Dave’s clear focus on advancing the interests of our clients gives our clients an unparalleled advantage in their efforts to manage energy needs.