Energy Procurement & Management



We start by analyzing your usage patterns, anticipated increases and decreases in volume, and your organization’s ability and willingness to control its usage.  We then examine market conditions, market outlook, and volatility before assisting you in development of a procurement strategy using a variety of purchasing and, if applicable, hedging vehicles.  We can take care of everything from designing RFPs to contract negotiations and from interfacing with Utilities/Suppliers to handling administrative details such as bill checking, tax audits, and rate schedule confirmations.


Market Information


For those clients desiring up to date market information, White Pine can provide information on both financial and physical markets as well as the anticipated impact of regulatory and power pool (PJM) actions.  This market information can be customized to provide utility for our clients, for example by overlaying a client’s typical Load Chart onto a Day Ahead Market report. 





Sub-Account Creation and Management (Specialty Service)



Clients who desire to manage their energy procurement more actively may benefit from the creation of a Supplier Sub-Account, which offers a transparent and cost effective way to interact directly with the wholesale energy markets through a Retail Supplier.  A Supplier held sub-account affords more direct control of energy purchases without the administrative and collateral requirements associated with establishing oneself directly as a PJM member.  If deemed beneficial, White Pine is able to secure the most cost effective Supplier and actively manage Sub-Accounts on behalf of our client users.  




Load Serving Entity (LSE) Development and Management (Specialty Service)


For those clients who might benefit from this very specialized and advantageous energy management approach, White Pine can handle all aspects of qualifying and licensing a client to become an LSE, thus allowing them to transact business directly within the PJM wholesale market. In this capacity, White Pine shall interface with PJM to conduct load scheduling, credit management, settlements, bill reconciliation and regulatory reporting.  We can implement and manage ARR/FTR strategies as well as hedging and position strategies.





Energy Project Feasibility Studies, Funding and Development


White Pine is able to evaluate economic, financial and operational viability for a wide range of energy projects ranging from on-site generation to utility scale solar projects.  We have the resources required to finance, develop, and operate such projects. 


Peak Day Signal Forecast Tool


White Pine clients have access to our proprietary peak demand-forecasting tool. This tool allows clients to reduce their usage at those specific times most likely to be used for Peak Load Contribution (PLC) calculations by PJM.   Strategic reduction in usage at the appropriate times may significantly reduce capacity charge expenses for the forthcoming year and yield significant energy savings.